I have completed a number of projects with a variety of languages. The best ones can be found on my GitHub, but here are some of my favourites!

Tea Selector

I have a slight problem of buying too many different types of tea, which makes it very hard to choose what to drink sometimes. To make things worse, my friends are also hooked on tea too! This is especially problematic when we all want to drink the same type of tea when we’re at our own houses.

To solve this problem, I decided to make my first mobile app. This app picks a random tea we all have in common. I created an API, which I run on my server, so that we all get access to the same data. All of the technologies I used for the project were new: React Native to build the mobile app, and Golang for the API.

I certainly learned a lot from building this app, and I hope to continue to develop and maintain it in the future!


I discovered GLab, a CLI tool for GitLab written in golang, on YCombinator news. I have used the GitHub CLI a lot in the past, and thought this would be a really useful tool. As it was relatively new, I helped to create (and co-maintain) an AUR package for GLab. I then took on some issues for the repo, and even added functionality for aliases. I hope to continue to make contributions to the project.

Artist Portfolio

An up and coming artist contacted me to make a website for them! They use said website to advertise their art to make commissions.

Check out the website here.

Pexip Internship Challenge

In my second year of university, I received an internship offer with a company called Pexip. As part of the process, I was given a programming task where I had to find a word within a 10000x10000 character grid. I trialled a few different solutions and experimented with different tools that were new to me, such as continuous integration and unit testing.

Fortuna 2048

To demonstrate our learning of lower level hardware programming for the ‘Computer Systems 2’ module, I implemented the mobile game ‘2048’ with a friend. The module provided us with a custom microcontroller board made in-house called ‘La Fortuna’. This device has a small LCD display and a rotary dial for input. We implemented the game in C, including high-score storage on the EEPROM so that it was not lost when the device was turned off.

Connect 4

With the hope of learning the features of C#, I set out to make the classic game ‘Connect 4’ with a few friends from university. This began as a simple console application. However, we are hoping to expand the project to include a UWP app, and also a mobile app built with Xamarin.

Haskell Programming

As part of the Programming 3 module in the second year of my university course, I have completed several tasks using the Haskell programming language, which uses a functional paradigm. Sadly I cannot share code for coursework tasks, but I have also made a interpreter for my own programming language using Haskell alongside the Alex and Happy libraries!